HPHT Drilling Challenges & Optimization

  • Tokyo: 16 - 20 October 2017
  • Kuala Lumpur: 13 - 17 November 2017




Most of the less challenging hydrocarbon deposits are already dis-covered and on production. New technologies and the quest for new discoveries is now enabling the industry to go after the high pressure high temperature wells (HPHT) wells. Given significant reserves from sufficiently large enough reservoirs has the potential to generate a handsome new revenue stream.

The advances in 4-D seismic techniques are continually improving and with it the discovery of new reservoirs throughout the world. Likewise the number of HPHT wells is correspondingly increasing in the North Sea, the deep waters of Gulf of Mexico India, Canada and China, to name a few.

However, with such HPHT reservoirs comes great challenges and risks as well. The requirements of a HPHT well differ from that of conventional wells. HPHT wells practices require greater expertise and the margin for errors are slim. The consequences of any mis-take can be devastating.

This course aims to equip participants with a better knowledge and understanding on ways to overcome the challenges and risk in HPHT wells while elevating the effectiveness of their HPHT op-erational wells practices. Time is money in any operation. Down-time is loss money. Only with great pre-planning and a well tuned operation with seasoned professionals can NPT be controlled.

This course focuses on all the major aspects on HPHT well proj-ects from inception through to completion and production. Its main aim is not to burden the participants with theory but enlight-en them as to the best means to deal with the operational aspects of HPHT wells complete with their significant risks and technical challenges.

This course will incorporate “learnings” from various case histo-ries. There are also practical exercises throughout this course de-signed with the expressed purpose of generating lively, interactive discussions from all the participants.

This training course is tailored and customized for the Operational needs of HPHT wells practitioners all around the world. It is in-tended to prepare those who are seeking to venture into the area of HPHT environments to ensure that the planning phase captures all of the EHS aspects and Operational costs.

  • Mr. R. J. (Boo) Boocock



    R. J. (Boo) Boocock began his career in the Geological Research & Services Group at Gulf Canada. Working with some of the best minds in the industry enabled him to gain an excellent understanding of the many disciplines that all play important roles in the oil & gas business. A strong bridge was established between those working the fine theoretical aspects and those seeking to take these learnings and applying them in a practical manner to day-to-day Operations. Seeking to shift the paradigm, Boo spent a lot of his time offshore providing an onsite supervisory role to on-going evaluations (logging, coring, testing, sampling). In placing the responsible party on-board it was possible to achieve a much more optimized data suite for the time expended.
    The discovery of giant high pressured oil and gas fields off Canada’s East Coast enabled Boo to be intimately involved in the retooling by the service industry to provide new suites if coring, logging and testing tools that were capable of operating successfully under such pressures. During this period, the industry was migrating from mechanical pressure gauges to electronic and many hydraulically controlled testing tools and firing heads were also developed. While working as a Supervisor, Petrophysics for Petro Canada, Boo was responsible for the optimization and interpretation of the over-all evaluations of all offshore and international wells in discussion with the many joint venture partners. His training role was extended beyond his own company as he was often asked to go onto partner operated wells and train their personnel as well.
    Boo has authored to major training courses which have been given within the international oil industry such as Practical Drillstem Testing & Well Evaluations as well as Drilling Practices & Wellsite Geology.

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