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Aircraft Reliability Improvement and Maintenance Cost Optimization

  • 11 - 15 December 2017, Kuala Lumpur

Course Description

This Course is focused on aircraft reliability programs as part of the operator’s maintenance program, with emphasis on issues related to maintenance cost analysis. Asset Management Concept as applied to Aircraft, its structure and components will be discussed in detail. Maintenance strategy and various concepts may reduce cost, but they need to be integrated to ensure high reliability levels. Continued compliance with the regulatory requirements, while fulfilling the challenges of cost reductions and effective maintenance programs, is of paramount importance. Regulatory Authorities and Operators should be on the same level of understanding. This course will provide an insight into such understandings.

Within a 5-day period you will be provided with guidance for the implementation of RCM based Reliability Programs and you will focus on the monitoring task and the relevance of the efficiency of the Maintenance Program, in order to fulfill the regulatory requirements and to avoid unnecessary maintenance cost. Case studies with practical examples will complement this course.

Continuing airworthiness is to be delivered by the aircraft Manufacturer for the establishment of an approved aircraft operator’s aircraft maintenance program and must contain the necessary details, including frequencies, of all maintenance required to be carried out for a safe and economical aircraft operation. Implementation of such aircraft maintenance program requires the preparation and planning of the maintenance tasks. These tasks are normally based upon the Maintenance Review Board Report and the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Planning Recommendation as detailed in the Maintenance Planning Document (MPD). In order to establish an operator’s maintenance program, the tasks and periods (interval/ frequencies) at which each part of the aircraft, engines, APU’s, components, accessories, equipment, instruments, electrical and communication apparatus, and associated systems and installations should be inspected. Such implementation includes the periods at which items as appropriate should be checked, cleaned, lubricated, replenished, adjusted and tested as well.

This course will be focused with RCM based approach , integration in Heavy Maintenance of airframe , Engines and LRU’s / components. Practical exercises on individual critical components will supplement the course.

Who Should Attend
• Airworthiness Inspectors from Civil Aviation Authorities
• Airline Maintenance Management Personnel
• Service or Design Engineering Personnel
• Technical Support Staff
• MRO Line and Base Maintenance Staff
• Workshop Personnel
• Maintenance Planning Personnel
• Fleet Managers
• Quality Assurance Personnel
• Maintenance Program Engineers
• Reliability Engineers
• Technical Staff from Leasing Companies

Course Benefits

• Understanding the Operational and Maintenance Philosophy of Aircraft
• Reliability Improvement strategies or Aircraft systems , Components, Engines
• RCM based Strategies for critical components , Failures Analysis
• FMECA for Aircraft Systems , Engines , Components & Defining Criticality
• Maintenance Cost reductions through reliability Improvement
• Aircraft heavy maintenance integration with reliability Programs.
• Aero Engine reliability / Design trends / Up-Gradations in technology
• ETOPs requirements thorough understanding and integration in Aircraft reliability program.

  • Mr. S. Nadeem Ahmed



    Mr. S. Nadeem Ahmed is a highly experienced Professional Engineer with Six Sigma qualification. He demonstrated ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting-edge markets and fast-paced environments. Mr. Nadeem has over 27 years of experience in engineering industry in the field of maintenance and reliability engineering, risk based analysis and studies, performance evaluation of Power Plants, planning and development, plant maintenance repair & overhaul of turbo machinery in oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and aviation industry. Mr Nadeem possessed strong technical qualifications with an impressive track record comprising of plant and equipment maintenance strategies and proven ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical engineering requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing efficiency, increasing reliability, maintenance cost reduction and improving engineering processes. He is a highly sought after Technical Trainer in Process, Power Generation and Aviation in RCM Based Maintenance & Reliability Program Development / Implementation Strategies, Turbo Machinery, Risk Based Maintenance Study and Plant Asset Management & Reliability Analysis.