Capability Development Masterclass

  • Kuala Lumpur : 13 - 14 September 2017

Course Overview

Capability Development is the process of planning for and conducting activities that develop employee learning capabilities, abilities, knowledge and know-how to meet business, company and individual needs

Identifying relevant learning and development programmes for employees will equip them with competencies to perform their jobs effectively and build strong organisational capabilities to support a company’s business strategy and goals.

A capability development plan can also include exposing employees to new areas of work that will broaden their experience and help them gain a better understanding of the business operations. Continuous employee learning is the lever for an engaged and skilled workforce that helps to drive efficiency and work quality in the company.


Key benefits of course

Guidelines on how to plan the learning and development of employees to provide them with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills in order to perform their work effectively and efficiently.

This also provides key continuous learning activities that your company may implement to provide opportunities for employees to develop their potential.

A structured learning and development process will help equip employees with competencies to perform their jobs effectively.

  • Mr Allan Kon



    Allan shares precious life experience of his leadership and managing experience to all his participants in the consulting and training engagements. His competency lies in working collaboratively with companies to provide training and consulting solutions and design and develop interventions that have no cross cultural barriers. He designs and facilitates tailored programs in functional skills areas for corporate clients. He specializes in design, development and facilitation and consultation of management development programs such as HR Competency in Performance Management, Talent & Succession, Employee Retention & Engagement, Staffing & Recruitment, Learning and Development and other generic programs such as Teamwork and Teambuilding, Strategic Planning, Leadership and Supervisory Development.


    Organizations who have benefited from Allan’s courses include: Housing and Development Board Singapore, National Environment Agency Singapore, Motorola University USA & Singapore, Motorola Electronics USA & Singapore, Mobil Oil Singapore, Oil and Gas groups in Malaysia & Indonesia & China, SASOL, Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF), Singapore Science Discovery Centre, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, National University Hospital Singapore, National Healthcare Group College, Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), Muslim Association of Singapore (MUIS) and Service Quality Centre (SQ) Singapore, Nevilleclarke Consultancy (NCS) Singapore, Central Narcotics Board (CNB), Singapore Telecom, VOLKSWAGEN SA.


    Allan is competent in the area of Human Resource Management and Development.  He possesses a Master of Arts in Human Resource Management & Development from the University of Hull (UK). He holds a professional Diploma in HRD from the Institute of Training and Development (UK) and the Singapore Institute of Management. Allan is Professional Member of the Singapore Human Resource Institute (Singapore) and an Associate Consultant of Singapore National Employers’ Federation (SNEF). He is also a member of Worklife Career Coach with AACCP (Aust). He is a certified educator of higher institution teaching from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and an Adjunct Lecturer with SIM Global Education.