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Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Management (ACSCM™)

  • 4 - 8 December 2017, Singapore

Course Overview
The development of an advanced Supply Chain requires a sophisticated understanding of several factors, which include how businesses to businesses, businesses to consumers and how businesses to Government interact and influence one another.

Whatever level of Supply Chain your organisation is looking to achieve, the BMTG Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Management (ACSCMtm), will provide delegates with the latest cutting edge principles and practices of sophisticated Supply Chains.

Whether it be a wish to take the Supply Chain to highest end, highest tech level or to make the transition from transactional to strategic, this course, over 5 demanding days, will help you to transform your Supply Chain interactions.

This Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Management complements other popular BTMG courses such as the Advanced Certificate in Strategic Procurement (ACSPtm) and the Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management (ACBTMtm).

Delegates will learn how to analyse, explore the stages and challenges involved in both developing and delivering an advanced Supply Chain. The following subject areas will be included:
• Types of Sophisticated Supply Chain
• Making the change from the traditional transactional Supply Chain to the strategic Supply Chain.
• Managing the Perplexing Principals, Practicalities and Politics of Enhanced Supply Chains
• Strategic Stakeholder Management within a Supply setting
• Developing and Maintaining Complex Supplier Relationships
• Project Management Techniques for Advanced Supply Chains
• Management of Evolving and Strategic Supply Chains


Who Should Attend
• Procurement Professionals
• Business Owners / Managing Directors
• Supplier Managers
• Supply Chain Consultants
• Buyers / Senior Buyers
• Operations Directors
• Operations Managers
• Finance Managers
• Project Directors and Managers
• Executive Directors
• General Managers
• Project and Team Leaders

PLUS anyone who is responsible for / involved in Supplier Relationships, or anticipates being involved with Supplier Management in the future

  • Mr. Karl Brookes
    Karl has more than 15 years experience in developing and delivering projects and strategies that change behaviours and achieve corporate objectives.
    Graduating in Politics and Sociology from the University of Salford, Karl joined the Civil Service, before working in Sales and Marketing for prestigious clients such as the UK Civil Service, Barclays, DHL and British Telecom. Returning to education, he gained a Masters from Manchester Metropolitan University, and was elected to help run the Students’ Union.
    In addition to being a Guest Lecturer at the prestigious Business School of University of Central Lancashire, Karl has written articles on various topics including, financial and energy consumer rights, developing property and even how to avoid a Repetitive Strain Injury.
    A skilled leader and deliverer of transformational strategies, Karl is adept at working effectively with employees at all levels in different sizes of organisations. As a trusted ‘safe pair of hands’ in a crisis, Karl has built up many years experience, coaching and delivering training in these and other key corporate areas such as:
    • Strategic Supply Chains, Value Chains and Smart Management of them.
    • Raising the Bar: Making the change from Supply Chain to Value Chain
    • Fleet Management, Resource Management and Utility Management
    • Operational Contingency, Change and Crisis Management
    • Emotional Intelligence, ISO Implementation, Media Relations, Marketing
    • Private Finance Initiative (PPP), Project Management Techniques e.g. Prince 2 and;Management Skills Development