Contract Risk Assessment Masterclass

  • 13 - 15 September 2017, Ho Chi Minh

Course Summary
Risk is a critical consideration in the contracting and procurement process. A thoughtful and proactive approach toward risk, as it relates to different actions, contributes to the success of contract performance. This course provides a comprehensive view, in-depth understanding and overview of Risk Assessment in Contracts and the role and importance of effective and proper drafting, vetting, and negotiating, management and mitigation of risks involving contracts. It is essential for those involved in dealing with Contracts to get a grasp of the key clauses, risks, liabilities, and other pitfalls and how to deal with contentious issues associated with different types of transactions. Identifying risks, risk mitigation process, examples of Contract Terms and conditions, which allocate risk contracts, will be covered in detail and participants will be given practical exercises and guidelines in approaching and dealing with them. The emphasis of the course is on developing a solid understanding of the complexities of risk management. The course content recognizes the importance of planning, monitoring, and proactive insight and oversight into risk areas related to the contract’s stated performance outputs and outcomes. Real Contract issues and exercises will be got done through and how to manage risk will also be discussed resulting in to skill development.

Key Benefits of Attending This Course
1) Better understanding and identification of risk
2) Developing ability to allocate risk, and to select the appropriate contractual regime to achieve your aim
3) Developing risk identification and assessment skills
4) Gain critical understandings of contract clauses and risk mitigation process
5) Heighten understanding of the alternative methods of allocating risk
6) Improve the ability to reduce the negative impact of poorly managed risk on a project or a company


Who Should Attend
1) Contracts and Project personnel
2) Contract Administrator
3) Engineering, Operational, and Maintenance personnel
4) Risk and Claims Personnel
5) Tendering, Purchasing and Procurement Personnel
6) Finance and Audit Personnel
7) And all others who are involved in the planning, evaluation, preparation and management of tenders, specifications, award process, and with contracts that cover the acquisition of materials, equipment, and services.

  • Mr. Mohammad Naseem



    Mr. Mohammad Naseem is Chairman and Managing Partner of Global Law and Liaison Services and ex Vice President of ONGC-Videsh Limited/Ex DGM (Legal) ONGC. He has vast experience in conducting training programmes in different parts of the World like Netherlands, U.K., Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and etc. In his professional career spanning over more than three decades, he has dealt with a large number of high value commercial matters, domestic and international arbitration and litigation. He has been part of a large number of negotiation teams, which have successfully negotiated various types of contracts worth billions of dollars including acquisitions in a number of countries.

    He is the author of Monograph on Energy Law, Medical Law, Sports Law, Religion Law and Environmental Law for Kluwer Law International, Netherlands and has had to his credit a number of papers published in national and international journals of repute. He is the visiting Faculty and guest expert speaker of the Indian Academy of International Law and Diplomacy, India International Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun and Indian School of Petroleum. He is on the panel of International Advisers for Kluwer Law International, Netherlands.

    For conducting negotiations he has visited Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Iran, U.A.E., Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, U.K, USA, Canada, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Uzbekistan. With varied practical and on the job legal experience in negotiation, drafting, interpretation and vetting of the legal documents and dealing with arbitration and litigation on one hand and acting as trainer, speaker and author, Mr. Naseem has been part of an exclusive team of trainers, negotiators, advisers, and legal strategists, and is a legal luminary of international repute in his own right.